Thursday, April 8, 2010

~@ Papua @~

We recently had the opportunity to visit Indonesia's eastern-most province. IT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL. Here are a few little glimpses of life I captured there...

At the entrance to a local grocery store, a lady sells ants' nests for medicinal purposes. She had a sheet with a long list of things the elements of these nests are known to help.

Cute lizard in a tree.

We watched a Persipura soccer game at the arena in Jayapura. (Final score 2-1 Persipura, but this moment was my best opportunity for a shot of the fans near the scoreboard.)

A beautiful black-sand beach near sunset.

Just off the main road, we enjoyed fresh young coconut "milk" with strawberry syrup.

Someone decided the drainage ditch was a good place for a clock they no longer wanted...

The fresh young coconut with strawberry syrup I mentioned... YUM! (And a beautiful view to enjoy while we had our snack!)

Flowers at sunset.

Cute kiddos playing at the beach.

I love the vibrant green of this tree's underside.

A young fan enjoying his ice cream at the Persipura soccer game in Jayapura.

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Dian said...

Wow! U went to Papua? Lucky you! XD