Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend in Jogjakarta

silver is mined in Central Java, and we had the opportunity to visit a jewelry store where the jewelry is actually made on-location. this is a near-finished ring...

the gamelan is a traditional Javanese musical "instrument" (or, collection of gongs, really) that requires many people to play

a chandelier at the sultan's palace

every afternoon at the sultan's palace, someone sings traditional Javanese songs.  if you zoom in on the picture, you can see the Javanese script he's singing from...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Language class "field trip"!

did you know that bananas grow "upside down"?   new to us!  and sometimes people cook and eat the large red flower hangin' under these green bananas

this spider (about the size of Major's palm!) was eating breakfast when we passed by and snapped his picture

transport via river.  we briefly walked through a community where these river boats are made, often by family-owned and -run businesses.

mud farming? ... groups of men fill the boats with the fertile mud from this river; others fill the baskets and load them onto men's heads; those men walk up the bank and drop off the mud in a holding area, where it waits to be loaded onto trucks and shipped to other, less-fertile areas of the island.

coffee cherries ripening on the bush.  ironically, Java is a huge exporter of coffee, but most people here drink instant coffee.  hmmm

like hot?  try these peppers, served "on the side" of several dishes... small bite of pepper, large bite of food

many, many foods are fried.  here we see a "sampler" platter at a cafe near the coffee plantation we visited.  fried cassava, fried banana (yum!), and fried veggies

duck herding?  actually, yes.  the herder is hidden behind the vehicles, but will take these ducks to feed in a certain area off the road...  is that the ugly duckling I see there in the middle?  he looks a little different...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Intro to Indo...

man fishing the waters off Java's north shore, near Japara

rice, rice and more rice!

Japara, Java

this little guy was waiting for his dew to dry before attempting flight, outside our room

ancient Hindu temples near Badungan, Central Java

a friend enjoying the hot springs near the temples

skinks are about as common here as squirrels are in Oregon...

rambutan ("rambut" = hair)... hence "hairy fruit"

a mobile tire being patched along the road from Banyutowo to Japara, Central Java

sunset at some fishponds near Banyutowo, Central Java

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New York, New York

which part of the cow do you want
your new bag from???

under the MAC store's glass staircase

New Orleans

candles inside the Saint Louis Cathedral

Saint Louis Cathedral, the oldest continually used Catholic cathedral in the U.S.

dining area at Cafe Du Monde, where the specialty is beignets and cafe au lait (see below)

oh, the soft, chewy, sweet, pastry goodness... mmmm

freeloader searching for lunch treats

outside the Saint Louis Cathedral

Home sweet Oregon... Mountains

the great and powerful Mt. Hood, which Major still claims is a hologram

again, in all it's glory

someone's abandoned fishing hook tangled in a tree at Trillium Lake, near Mt. Hood

shuttle boat on Crater Lake

Home Sweet Oregon... Willamette Valley

they look confused...

corn field near Scholls

along a hiking trail

pulled off Glencoe Road for this one, on my way home after a nice day at the beach

this uncaged critter made his home at the Oregon Zoo

North Falls (I think) at Silver Falls State Park

along a hiking trail near Sun River

Home sweet Oregon... Coast

central: the seagull was an unplanned bonus


north:  Peter Iredale shipwreck near Fort Stevens






north: Battery Russell