Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Anniversary vacation on Gili Air


Sunset off the south part of the island... We walked the circumference of the island in less than 2 hrs...  That's Bali in the distance...

Again, sunset off the south part of the island, Bali in the background.

Crazy shell, still inhabited.  Some kid was hurling large chunks of dead coral at it, in attempt to break it open and look at the creature inside.

Breakfast with a view... Fruit salad (fresh papaya, pineapple, and banana or watermelon), toast with butter and jam, and Lombok coffee.  Mmmmm.

Local kids playing in the waves...

Where we enjoyed many of our meals throughout the week...


My temporary footprint.

Hotel greenery at sunrise, our hut in the background.

One of many interesting shells strewn across the sand.

Low tide.

We took a boat similar to this one from Lombok to Gili Air.  (After 2 plane rides, a 1 km walk, a 45 min. bus ride, a 2 hr wait and many, many price negotiations!)

View of East Java from the plane.