Monday, June 21, 2010

Birds and the bees? er... flowers?

I haven't been taking as many pictures recently... Partly because we are more in a day-to-day routine of life and less seems "interesting." Partly, too, because the camera I usually use decided to have a spas attack and hasn't yet recovered. :( So these photos are all compliments of our pocket-sized point-n-shoot digital camera!

A nice, quaint centerpiece at our table during a coffee outing with our friend Christine, who recently visited us from the U.S.

We were feeling a little snacky, so we ordered up some grilled bananas -- served with the ever-popular Indonesian pairing of cheese and chocolate. (And a maraschino cherry...)

The centerpiece again, in full color...

I liked the combination of these pretty purple flowers growing their green vine up the harsh barbed wire at the top of one of the three concrete walls surrounding our house. (Click on it for a bigger pic!)

Interesting railing at the spa where Major took me for my 28th birthday.

We had a second trip to the bird market recently... Didn't bring home any pets, but there were some interesting and lovely creatures there! (Some strange and ugly ones, too....) :)